南京市紫金科创特别社区国际人才港、南京市投资促进中心、北京大学科技开发部联合小组将于20141014-15日访问美国旧金山-硅谷地区,与有意开拓中国业务公司或在中国创业的人士继续对接,为南京和北京大学的科技园区引进科技企业和创新人才。你将会有机会和工作小组以11的方式进行深入谈话沟通。联合工作小组将就南京的投资创业环境、科技人才扶持政策、地区载体配套、服务配套和实施等方面为您做出权威解答以及具体帮助。联合小组还将介绍北京大学与全球伙伴合作的开放技术转化模式。将为个人创业企业提供100 - 800万人民币的经费支持、创新团队300 - 1300万人民币的支持。有兴趣与联合工作小组11约谈的人士请点击如下链接预约时间地点。

Nanjing Business Incubation Center, Nanjing Investment Promotion Commission, and Peking University Office of Science & Technology Join Workgroup will be visiting San Francisco - Silicon Valley area October 14-15.  The purpose is to confer with individuals and businesses interested in business expansion and technology commercialization in China.  You will have opportunities to discuss with members of the Joint Workgroup 1-on-1 on investment and infrastructure, government grant, office and facilities and service support available to your efforts.  You will also learn about Peking University’s Global Open Technology Commercialization program, where Peking University, in answering to request to support technology and innovation driven local economic development, works with its global partners and support their technology commercialization endeavors in China.  Approved individuals entrepreneurs and businesses will be supported by a variety of grants ranging from $150,000 to 2 Million Dollars.  Interested parties please use the following link to schedule individual meetings.

San Francisco 旧金山:October 14-16, www.inttech.org/consult/start.aspx?ref=AAK1


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