Univ of Science and Tech of China (USTC) Recruitment Event

Dear Friends:

You are cordially invited to meet with Univ of Science and Technology of China (USTC) delegation, led by Vice President Xiankang Dou. You can learn about current/future R&D and teaching programs, talk to Deans and USTC HR director about jobs or other collaborations, or give advices on USTC’s future growth.

Time: 6PM-9PM, Friday, Oct 30th

Place: Havana Room, Graduate Community Center, 750 Escondido Road, Stanford, CA 94305

Please pre-register by email: .  With name, email, title, degree & school.

Details on jobs in USTC: http://www.ustcif. com/global/ files/File/ News/AlumniNewsl etter/Delegation 09/

As China is transforming into a strong global economic entity, its top universities and research labs are the engines to fuel and sustain future continued growth. USTC will provide you great opportunities to participate in this exciting development.

You can help at various capacities: full time or part time/adjunct; as researchers at USTC’s top national or CAS labs, or as professors at various distinguished departments to teach/nurture the future top talents.

USTC is also part of the platform for national and CAS top talent programs: Changjiang Scholar, CAS 100 Talent program, and the recently announced elite national 1000 talent program.

Any other questions, please contact: Qicong Hu (ACSSS, Stanford Univ) or John Hu (USTC-Alumni Association in Silicon Valley), email