Dear UCAA members,
Thank you all for participating in the bylaw amendment voting. Please see attached Excel sheet for detailed votes per organization. I remove the duplicated votes from Xiao Luo (Hua Zhong Li Gong),  Bin Lee (Nan Kai) and Monica (Fudan) after each organization contacted me about the error.
All the amendments are approved based on super majority (> 28*2/3 =19).  In terms of Immediately effective or effective after next BOD, none of them reaches the super majority.  Since effect immediately includes effect after next BOD,  we conclude that all the changes take effect after BOD.  This is also based on the assumption that these amendments are approved by super majority among all the members, not among the board. (bylaw article XII only defines voting among the board).
 - Article V, Sec. 1: Change to: "The member of this corporation shall be any alumni association of a college, university, institute or technology school located in Great China Area (including the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao)" 
Results: 23 Vote Agree. (14 - Immediately, 9 - after next BOD)
 - Article VI sec. 1: Change to: "A meeting of members shall be held at least once a year on a date and at a time designated by the board of directors and so notifies members as provided in these bylaws. At an annual meeting, directors shall be elected and other proper business may be transacted."
Results: 24 Vote Agree. (14 - Immediately, 10 - after next BOD)
 - Article X sec. 2: Change to: "One person may not serve the same office for more than two consecutive terms."
Results: 25 Vote Agree. (13 - Immediately, 12 - after next BOD)
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Best Regards