Dear Member Associations,

Wang Li and I have planned a few things for UCAA this year as it follows below:

1.    Register UCAA with California government, File for IRS 501(c)(3) [非赢利组织] status
2.    Publish our [中国校联会年刊]
3.    Organize year-end [中国校联会迎新年晚会]
4.    Organize two-day Summer Camping [中国校联会夏日露营] if possible

We are also pleased to announce the following UCAA positions:

• Secretary - Chunman Yu 吉林大学硅谷校友会
    Overall handling the filing of IRS 501(c)(3) [非赢利组织] tax exempt status for UCAA
    Keep a book of minutes of all meetings, proceedings, and actions of the board, and of members’ meetings.
    Give notice of all meetings of the board, and of committees of the board that these bylaws require to be given.
    Issue press release on behalf of the corporation upon approval of the president;
    Keep the corporate seal, if any, in safe custody; and
    Execute all legal documents, if necessary, together with the president.
• Treasurer - Bingliang Chen 华东师范大学北加州校友会
    Collect and manage the membership fee and all other assets of the corporation;
    Keep and maintain adequate and correct books and accounts of the Corporation' s properties and transactions;
    Deposit all money and other valuables in the name and to the credit of the Corporation;
    Disburse the Corporation' s funds as the board may order;
    Prepare an annual budget and annual financial statements and reports, and such financial statements and reports as required,
    Sign and issue check of the corporation;
    Prepare and file tax return of the corporation;  
• VP, Web Development - Daniel Zhao 中国科技大学硅谷校友会
    Keep the website registration valid and watch for the renewal notice
    Update the website contents as often as needed
    Propose and Develop new functions of the web pages
    Create email ID@ucaanc.org for member associations if needed
    Provide web hosting service for member associations if needed
• VP, Membership and Public Relations - Shengheng Lin 旧金山湾区南开校友会
    Promote UCAA’s functions and benefits; invite other sister alumni associations to join us
    Help schools to set up their own Alumni associations and welcome them to join us as a member
    Work with other organizations to host or co-host events for delegations from China
    Fundraise for UCAA’s financial needs in general and for special events, and Annual Publications
    Alliance with other Chinese organizations
• VP, Annual Publications - Steve Lin 华南理工大学美国校友会
    Overall in charges of Annual Publications [中国校联会年刊]
    Request, communicate and collect articles from each member association for the Annual Publications
    Editor in Chief - reviewing, editing and getting approvals from the authors
    Quotation, negotiation and authorization of the final printing
• VP, Entrepreneurship and Business Development - Yulin Xu 中山大学北加州校友会
    Organize entrepreneurship forum, social networking to meet member associations’ needs
    Invite, host or co-host events for entrepreneurship seminars
    Engaged with venture capital companies to bring opportunities to UCAA members
    Job opportunities forwarding and posting

Bing Rue will serve as our Legal Advisor this year.

Let’s work together as a team for our common goals of 2008. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Best Regards,
Jicheng Ye