To:   Mr. Huaqiang Wu
      Silicon Valley Tsinghua Network (SVTN)
From: Junzhao Lei
      President  and Board Chair
      United Chinese Alumni Associations
United Chinese Alumni Associations (UCAA) board received the request of membership withdrawn from Silicon Valley Tsinghua Network (SVTN) on 2/12/07 and decided to accept the request on the meeting of 3/3/07.
UCAA recognizes the contributions from SVTN, including the foundation of UCAA, the by-law drafting, the web domain registration, the website technical support and activities organizing.  Special thanks go to James Deng, Zhigang Qin, Huaqiang Wu, and other members from SVTN, who spent large amount of time to support UCAA.
UCAA welcomes suggestions and corporation from SVTN and look forward to SVTN’s re-joining in the future.