The UCAA President Club will kick-off in Palo Alto

We are devoted to launch a well-organized President Club that holds a variety of events and activities. The objective is to enhance health communication, idea exchanging, and experience sharing among leaders within the UCAA and beyond. We hope that, with our continuous effort, this will evolve into a valuable and unique learning and integrating platform that not only benefits our UCAA leaders but also builds up a solid foundation to grow our UCAA.

We have carefully chosen the theme of our first gathering: How to form and operate an education foundation successfully in the US? Establishing an education foundation is highly regarded as one of the most effective ways to connect us to our alma maters and to unite our fellow alumni. However, such kind of task is often believed to be beyond what an alumni association can actually manage, because it involves complicated regulations and a lot of tedious work. Fortunately, the good news is that we do observe several pioneers who have successfully achieved this in our community, among which are the Peking University Education Foundation, the Tsinghua Education Foundation, the UTSC Alumni Foundation, SJTU Alumni Association of Silicon Valley, and the Wuhan University Alumni Association at Northern California. The message from the pioneers is now loudly delivered to us: Yes, we can!

We are truly delighted and honored to have representatives from the aforementioned organizations as our invited speakers in the first President Club gathering. In the meeting, they will provide us with their valuable hands-on experiences on building a successful education foundation and perspectives of different business models. We have also invited an expert panel list consisting of an expert on foundation for international exchanges, a high rank consul from the Consulate General of PRC in San Francisco, an experienced attorney, and a senior CPA. We believe that their expertise and know-how experiences will help us to gain comprehensive and practical ideas regarding every step of forming a successful education foundation.

We hope all fellow leaders of UCAA member associations could attend this meeting and give us your full support to kick-off a successful President Club! In order to ensure the quality of interaction between our speakers and attendees, we have to limit a maximum of two participants from each member alumni association of UCAA, preferably your President and Vice President. Please RSVP by emailing me the names and contact information of participants from your association and mark your calendar for this event. We look forward to meeting you all!

When: 9:45 AM.-12:30 PM. Saturday, on May 2nd, 2009

Where: Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP
1530 Page Mill Road, Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA 94304

9:45 AM - 10:15 AM. Networking
10:15 AM -10:30 AM
. UCAA meeting
10:30 AM - 12:15 PM. President Club Activities
12:15 PM Lunch

Geping Liu
, President, Silicon Valley Tsinghua Network
John Hu
, Ex-Chair, USTC Alumni Association in Silicon Valley, and USTC Alumni Foundation
Min Ouyang
, Ex-President, Wuhan University Alumni Association at Northern California

Guang Ming Su
, President, The U.S. China Foundation For International Exchanges
Wei Shao
, Consul, The Consulate General of PRC in San Francisco
Bing Rui
, Attorney, U.S.-China Law Group
Kathy Chao
, CPA, C.G. Uhlenberg LLP

Moderator: Qing Lucich
, President, SJTU Alumni Association of Silicon Valley

Sponsor:Yabo Lin, Partner, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

Dress Code: Business Casual

Together, we can make things difference!


Shuo Chen/John Hu
On behalf of the UCAA President Club Committee
(Shuo Chen, John Hu, Shengheng Lin, Junzhou Lei, and Kevin Ye)