2009 FIVB World League US Men vs. CHINA --June 26-27 in San Jose

Dear Alumni Associations leaders and friends:

China Man's Volleyball team will compete with US in FIVB World League at San Jose State Event Center Arena on June 26-27. If you want to show your support to our national team and have some fun time with friends and family after a hard working week, here is a good opportunity for you: http://volleyball.teamusa.org/event/event/573 .

We, UCAA, have worked with San Jose Sport Authority by getting special invitation-- discount rate, for our UCAA members. Attached is the info about the game, coupon code and the ways to purchase tickets.

Once competed in 2008 Olympics, both team are among the top 8 in the world. This match should be an exciting one worth to watch.. We encourage you to participate in this event to cheer China Man's Volleyball players up and help to keep their spirit high while they play a tough game.

Please forward this message to your members and friends.

United Chinese Alumni Associations (UCAA)

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