Dear Members,
We had our member meeting on June 23, 2007 and discussed UCAA's second half year plan and some important issues. Please see the attachment. Thank MianGang writing the minutes promptly after the meeting.
Junzhao Lei
(408) 218-6890
UCAA Board Meeting Summary
Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM, Saturday, June 23, 2007
Place: Hunan Gourmet (Yue Yang Lou), 163 South Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale , CA 94096
Participants: 11 representatives from 10 members. (See attached list)
Meeting sectary: Miangang Zhao
  • Reviewed UCAANC activities and events in first half of the year.
  • Reviewed major events of each alumni association
  • Discussed coming events (07/15 Shin-Shin Educational Foundation)
  • Website from Kevin and feedbacks from members
  • Form Technology subcommittee
  • Form group here to visit Zhong Guang Cun
  • Discussed plan and leaderships for Chinese National Holiday Celebration Party this year
  • Year book
  • Issues of Bylaw
No discussion on sub-committee plans during the meeting since not all the sub-committee leaders attended this meeting
  • Focus our resource on the Chinese national holiday party for our work in the second half of the year. UCAANC will take a lead in this event.  Steven will recommend Junzhao as chief coordinator in the coming NCChinese meeting.
  • UCAA will lead and form group to visit Zhong Guan Cun and other industrial and high-tech parks.
  • Finalize revise or amend the bylaw, incorporated any changes, and get approved by members.
Three proposed  changes:
  1. The membership should include Taiwan , HongKong (Great China) as discussed at the beginning of UCAA foundation
  2. The President may not act 2 consecutive terms.
  3. Allowing more than one rep. for each member org through acceptance procedure, recommended by 2 members and get approved by board.
  • Add a new subcommittee Technology subcommittee to join tech events and build partnerships for UCAA. Steve Shi Lin will take the lead.
  • Bing Rui officially become the legal counsel of UCAA
  • New events coming:  July 15, Shin-Shin Educational Foundation
Action Items:
         Web Site
1. Feedback towards phase Web site end at July 4th.  Feedbacks after that will only be considered in next phase.
2. Website will be officially announced on Aug 1st.
1. Miangang to get the latest version from Steven, and forward to all members to collect any other changes.  (2 weeks)
2. Final version of bylaw will be voted by all the members for approval (one week).
         Visit China
Recommend Business sub group to evaluate the feasibility and coordinate.
1. Miangang to get the updates of each subcommittee plan and activity for the second half year.
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Attendees List:
Junzhao Lei
Xian Jiao Tong University Alumni Association at Silicon Valley :
Cheng Peng
Fudan University Alumni Association of Northern California :
Shengheng Lin
Nankai Alumni Association - San Francisco Bay Area:
Miangang Zhao
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Alumni Association of Silicon Valley :
Kevin Ye
ZheDa Alumni Network
Steve Shi Lin
South China University of Technology Alumni, America :
Bingliang Chen
East China Normal University Alumni Association in N. California
Jiang Long
Jilin University Alumni Association at Silicon Valley
Jane Chen
Huazhong University of Science and Technology Alumni Association in Northern California
Nina Chang
Beijing Jiao Tong University Alumni Association at Northern California
Bing Rui
U.S.-China Law Group