UCAA Team Participating in NCCCAF Opening Ceremony
Dear all,

Thank you very much for your warm responses. We have talked to NCCCAF organizers about the arrangements for the parade during the opening ceremony. The deal is that all UCAA members will follow UCAA’s banner and hold their individual flags. The event

committee will introduce both UCAA and those individual alumni associations as the team passes the center stage. This will be an easy way to organize our team and promote both UCAA and the individual alumni associations.

We strongly suggest that all UCAA members associations (total 30) participate in this event on August 15, no matter how many people they can gather. You are one of UCAA family.

Please go out, show your school flags, watch the games, and meet/talk to your alumni and friends on that sunny day! Why not?

Please register to the NCCCAF opening ceremony by submitting the attached form with a brief introduction to your association ASAP. There is no hard deadline in fact.

See you all on Saturday!