As arranged by Mr. Shengheng Lin, we had a preparation meeting about 2008 Moon Festival and China National Day Celebration preparation on August 2nd, 2008 at Chinese Performing Arts of America Center (飞扬艺术中心). Thanks for Ann Woo’s hospitality to offer the meeting room and lunch.

We had about thirty representatives from different organizations to join the meeting. 邵巍参赞, 闵天龙领事也到会致词

At the end of the meeting, we basically agreed on following items. 

  1. Hold the performances from 2:00pm-4:30pm on September 27 at Chinese Performing Arts of America Center, 400 Seats, entrance tickets required
  2. Hold Karaoke and dancing party from 7:00pm-9:00pm on September 27 at Chinese Performing Arts of America Center, 400 people maximum
  3. Children program will be hosted from 2:00pm-4:30pm on site (indoor, next to performance hall)

飞扬艺术中心’s address is 6148 Bollinger Road, San Jose, CA 95129 

Here is the list of items to coordinate. 

  1. Children program – 上海交大硅谷校友会, 武汉大学校友会等
  2. Program brochure – 王莉及各文艺团体
  3. Event Flyer – 朱华
  4. Media (newspaper, bbs, email etc) –  金孆及各社团
  5. Indoor decoration and stage setup –
  6. Outdoor booth setup –
  7. Ticketing and distribution – 北加州浙江大学校友会, 南京大学校友会等
  8. Karaoke/dancing party – 硅谷清华联网等
  9. Event security – 华南理工大学校友会, 天津大学校友会等
  10. Recognition Award – 华东师范大学北加州校友会等
  11. Sponsorship – 林昇恒
  12. Treasurer – 陈炳良
  13. Audio/Video –飞扬艺术团

At the meeting, we also visited he performance stage and seating area. The stage is not as big as what we used in other years. Additionally, admittance only with tickets for such event is not a preferred way so we should continue to look for alternative venue. We will meet again in early September.  

Thanks for your time and contributions. 

Hosting 2008湾区华人迎国庆庆中秋联欢会