Preparation for Moon Festival/China National Day Celebration

Dear UCAA leaders,

It is just a week from this annual big event for Bay Area Chinese community - Moon Festival/China National Day Celebration. As one of the organizers, UCAA will help to do our best to make this event smooth and successful as in other years.

Here is a quick list about the event.

# 九月二十八日星期天在Fremont Central Park 的Performance Pavilion隆重推出中秋国庆联欢活动。
# 地址是: 40100 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538
# 上午十点半开始到下午四点半 - 国庆杯排球大赛
# 下午3点开始少儿游艺活动
# 文艺演出时间为下午四点半到七点

# 另外,九月二十七日晚上有一场欢乐舞会,地点在飞扬艺术中心

Our alumni associations are assigned a few tasks listed below including helping the event decorations, security and various surrounding setups. There will be ropes and clips available on site so please bring your org's flag / banner to the park and hang them on proper rope location along the trees. Map link is here. Most important one, encourage your alumni (& family) to come to participate and enjoy the performances.

* Guoqing Cup Volleyball Game - 硅谷清华联网, 中国科大校友会等等
* Children program 上海交大硅谷校友会, 武汉大学校友会等; Jump house rental - 北师大校友会等
* Performance stage setup and outdoor decoration / flag , etc
- 金山湾区严新生命科技协会, 北加州巴蜀同乡同学会, 四川大学校友会, 中国科大校友会, 吉林大学校友会, 北加州浙江大学校友会, 南京大学校友会等等
* Balloon & 帐篷更衣室, back stage water supplier - 四川大学校友会
* Event security 华南理工大学校友会, 天津大学校友会,南开校友会等等
* Recognition Certificates 华东师范大学北加州校友会等
* Back stage water supplier - 四川大学校友会

Thanks for your supports and be there early to prepare. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and Li Wang.

Best regards,
Jicheng & Li