2007 UCAA Election - Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Election Day is Sunday January 28th 2007, from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM at Hunan Gourmet (Yue Yang Lou) 163 South Murphy Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086 Please be there on time.

2007 UCAA Voting Rules and Procedure

I. Voting Rule:

Candidates for President/Vice President must be pre-registered before the deadline announced by election committee (1/19/07). This procedure was completed days ago.

Candidates for EBOD (including those for the President/Vice President) need to register themselves with John Hu (email: johnrhu@yahoo. com) and myself (email: shenghenglin@ comcast.net). The registration has to be in e-mail.

The registration dead line is January 26, 2007, two day before the Election Day, in order to have their organization name listed as EBOD candidates in the Ballot. However, voter can also vote for other members not listed in candidate list by writing down their name.

By the way, all 9 current board members would like to continue to help UCAA and seek for a seat in the EBOD in 2007, and already have sent e-mails to John Hu and me today. To accommodate the increased interests of leading UCAA, we propose to add 2 more EBOD members if the registered candidates are more than 11.

Voting will be held in members meeting (Date, time and location will be sent out in a separate mail). Voting will be processed in 2 sessions:
Session One: Electing President/VP

- Candidates of President and Vice-President in pair will be listed in alphabetic order by the President candidate’s last name
- During President/VP election, a ballot with over 1 circled name of president/VP pair will be voided.
- If tie number for President/VP happens, there will be a second voting for the TWO pairs only.
- The elected President/VP become EBOD automatically

Session Two: Electing EBOD

- Elected President/VP automatically becomes EBOD member and will be excluded from the list of candidates.
- Vote for 7 or 9 Executive Board of Directors (EBODs) as determined by the number of the registered candidates (determined before the election).
- A ballot with over the pre-determined number of EBOD will be voided
- EBODs will be elected by the number of votes. If last two or more votes are even resulting in more than the predetermined number, second voting has to be run on these tie candidates.

II. Voting Procedure:

- Reading procedure
- Voting Rules
- Forming Ballot Counters Group
- Each Organization Receives One Ballot in an Envelop for One Vote
- Organization' s name will be written on the envelop holding the ballot. To enable anonymous voting, ballot itself should not contain any organization name.
- Ballot will be returned with the envelop
- Envelop will be signed by voter AND ballot counting group, then, separated with the ballot and kept as a record of organization voted.
- Ballot will be signed by ballot counting group to validate the ballot.

Voting for PR/VP:

- Candidates Introduction to cover the following items (3 min. each person)
o Your individual alumni association overview
o Plan and Vision
- Voting
- Ballot collecting and counting by ballot counters
o Second run voting if necessary according to voting rule.
- Announce result

Voting for EBODs (7 or 9 Seats):

- Self-introduction to cover the following items (1 min. each candidate)
o Your individual alumni association overview, such as founding date, number of members, activities,
o Must claim if you want to be EBOD after you are elected
- Voting
- Ballot collecting and counting by ballot counters
o Second run voting if necessary according to voting rule.
- Announce result